Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Six~Father's Day!

Welcome to Sunday Six, brought to us by the wonderful Kelly! Answers provided by Matthew, age 6yrs 5 mo.

1. How do men become Dads?

~~Well, um, they just, um everytime they have a birthday they just grow bigger and bigger until they are a grown up.

2. Is your dad special?

~~Yeah, because today is Father's Day and only if I clean my room I can spend time with him and go to the movie theatre and stuff!

3. What does your daddy do?

~~Um, my Dad always works

4. What did you do for Father's Day?

~~I didn't do anything, I just have to clean my room!

5. What makes a good Dad?

~~If he always spends time with you and always buys you stuff that's called good parenting.

6. Who's your daddy?

~~Um, well, my Dad's still sleeping and his name is Henry.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'mmmmm Baaaaccckkkkkk....

OK, I took a break from blogging. I had gotten to a point where I felt I had nothing left to say and that this blog had no purpose. But, I continue to get emails from friends and family asking when I am going to update again. I shall try to keep up better, I will, I will, oy, I'll try. I really have nothing too new too add, but I thought these pics were hilarious. Matthew can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. Such as these odd ball sites:Legoes tuckered him out!
Seriously, who falls asleep in the shower?
OK, well that is all I have for tonight. I will try to keep up better! Hope all of you are enjoying your summer so far. Matthew has almost 2 weeks of school left, and then camp starts. Busy summer on the way!

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Six~Easter!

Welcome to Sunday Six! Brought to us every week by Kelly, it's fun for the whole family! Answers provided by Matthew (6yrs 2mo). Didya play?

1. Why do we color Easter Eggs?

~~Because for Easter, because we need 'em for Easter so we can get an Easter egg on Easter. (What???)

2. Where does the Easter bunny live when it's not Easter?

~~He lives in a little hole with moles and his Grandpa mole.

3. What is Passover?

~~Uh, uh, it means it passes over something, like you pass over a rock, which is hard as rock which is hard as stone. (If you haven't said it already...let me: Sounds like this kid is smokin' crack this week!)

4. Why is Passover special?

~~Because it's special because if you pass something, like if it's a rock you pass it.

5. What is your favorite Easter (or Passover) food?

~~I don't know, chicken and fries and sprite, it should be America's best food.

6. What comes after Easter (or Passover)?

~~It is, maybe it is Christmas, what really comes next Mom? (Me: Memorial Day?) What the heck is that? Is that Memorial Day's birthday? How old is she? Or maybe it is the firecracker's old is he?

Kid. Smokin'. Crack. I tell ya.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday

Welcome to Wild Card Wednesday brought to us by the flip-flop queen herself, TKW. See her site for directions, but basically anything goes as long as it is a picture. If you work a "W" word into you get bonus points. So, if you play let her (and me) know. Here ya go:

I call this one: "Who turned out the lights?" My parents have passed on a ton of this kind of photo. It seems when you are less than a year old it is knee-slappin' funny to do shit like this to your kid. No, seriously. I could pull out several pictures like this, ones with my dad's huge football jersey on, one in my dad's cowboy boots that were clear up to my thigh. Sigh...guess it was fun to put me in their clothes. Mom swears I loved it, and I am so strange I probably did.
Didya play?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Six~Spring has sprung!

It is once again time for Sunday Six, brought to us by Kelly over at Missing JT Snow! In honor of Spring arriving, we will enjoy questions all about that lovely season. Answers provided by Matthew, age 6.2 years. Let Kelly (and me!) know if you played.

1. How old is Spring?

~~Oh, maybe it is 1000 years old. Is that right? No, today it is 1000 1000 years old. When are we going to have our Easter Party?

2. What happens in the spring?

~~Flowers come up.

3. What comes after spring?

~~Uh, maybe it's winter, no, oh, it's summer, I forgot. That's a silly question.

4. What do people wear in the spring?

~~They wear spring clothes, like short sleeves and short pants, except sometimes they wear long pants like my Babcia.

5. What is spring break?

~~Spring break is when you take a break from spring.

6. How will you celebrate spring?

~~I could find some Easter eggs with Jazzy and Lexi cuz Lexi is only two and Jazzy is three and a half.


Thursday, March 22, 2007


Welcome to Stuff Portrait Fridays, brought to us by she who gave up smoking: Kristine. This weeks theme is TWO. In honor of her daughter, Kara's birthday. Two of course being the age that she enjoyed the most. Well, sticking to that theme, I am posting one of my fav pics of Matthew when he was TWO. I could just eat him up. Let Kristine (and me) know if you played. And Happy Birthday Kara!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday!

Welcome to the first Wild Card Wednesday, brought to us by The Kept Woman, creator of Way Back Wednesday. TKW felt WBW had run its course, and is now giving us the exciting challenge of WCW. See her site for all "rules" but basically you can post any picture and try to tie it in with a "W" word. My picture ties in with: WHAT? As in What? What in the HELL were they thinking??? See evidence:This is me. Eating chili. On my FIRST birthday. WHO (ah, another W) in the hell gives a 1 year old chili? Everyone knows you don't give a child that unless they are potty trained! Am I right? You know I am right! They don't make a Pamper's or Huggies that can hold up to a toddler after chili. NO ONE should have to clean up after that either! My mom said I was orange for 2 days. "But you loved it! Look how clean that bowl ate it up!" is basically what my mom's defense is. All I can say is: Glad it was her and not me who dealt with the aftermath! Now, did you play? If you did, let TKW (and me) know.

Sorry this is so you can see by the post below, I have been trying since before 8am, but we all know what a bitch blogger can be!


Wild Card Wednesday!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Waste Of Space Monday

I decided since it's another week until I can return to work, I would try to participate in the weekly games! Today's Waste of Space Monday, needs a short prep article about this wonderful, innocent young woman. These asshats pulled a stunt a lot of college students do. They were drinking underage. Fine, but don't drive. These asshats (two 18 year old girls, and one 18 year old boy) decided to drive drunk after drinking underage. Then they hit a college-mate and took off. Didn't come forward for a long time....TOTAL WASTE OF SPACE. The young woman they killed was by all appearances a wonderful, loving young lady....gone forever. Thanks to those asshats. So, since WOSM is Tammy's, love, errr...hate fest...let her know (and me) if you played.


Sunday Six~Green, green, green

Once again it is Sunday Six, brought to us by the talented Kelly, so if you played let her (and me!) know that you played. The kids had so much fun with St. Patrick's Day questions last week that we are continuing the fun today! Questions were answered by Matthew, age 6yrs and 2 mo.
1. What colors make the color green?
~Blue and I right?
2. Are you Irish?
~(Looks at me and laughs) No. (Me: Are you sure?) Yes. (As I am typing this:) I mean yes, I'm sure, No, know what I mean!! (He is part Irish, and no, I have no clue what he means!)
3. Do you eat green M&M's?
~UH-Huh! Yes, I LOVE the blue and green M&M's. B.L.U.E. and G.E.E.N. (spells them for me...doesn't believe me that he spelled green wrong and gets rather huffy!)
4. Name some things that are the color green!
~Uh, leaves, shirts, leprechaun hats and clothes, shamrocks, grass.
5. Did your parents celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
~Yes, but I didn't see anything!
6. Did St. Patrick have a wife? If so, what was her name?
~Yes, but I forgot her name!!
So, there you have it. And for the record, we didn't celebrate. An outing to the grocery store was the most I can handle at this point....did I mention I hate surgery and recovery?


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Matthew's Latest Artwork!

Matthew drew this for Daddy the other day. He used a Crayola Stencil from his airbrush machine to draw the dragon. Then he drew by hand the knight with shield and sword, the castle wall, and water in the moat below. He would be happy if he could draw all day. He brings home a half dozen drawings everyday from kindergarten. They have a little free time everyday...they can choose to draw, play with clay, puzzles, etc, but he always chooses to draw. Love him to pieces, but I had to hide the tape as he has been busy taping artwork over every square inch at home that he can find!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sweet Co-workers!

Look at what my fab co-workers sent me to cheer me up after surgery! Aren't they the sweetest. I can honestly say that I work with the nicest group of doctors and staff that I have ever met. They each called and wished me luck Friday....and I have received several cards in the mail too. How last employer didn't care if you had should be at work anyway! This group is encouraging me to rest, eat well and fully heal before I come back! I should add they are the ones who "forced" me to leave work last week and call my doc to speed up things....they ultrasound wasn't scheduled until 3/12, but because they prodded me so much I had the u/s and pre-op physical and was done with surgery on 3/9. All because they pushed me not to wait for my surgeon (who I adore) to fit me in...get it done now. Which is great because the ovary/cyst combo ruptured as they were trying to get it out. Had I waited, it would have been a nightmare recovery and an "open" surgery vs. laparoscopy. Yikes.
Anyway, thank you to all who have wished me well. Gotta move on to other things on this blog...this surgery is taking up too much space.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Six~The Luck of the Irish!

Welcome to Sunday Six brought to us by the talented Kelly. This week is all about the little green guys (no not the aliens my husband has been praying will take him away until after my recovery...guess I am a little pushy! LOL). Answers provided by Matthew, age 6y 2mo.

1. What is a Shamrock?
~~They are Leprachaun hats, we decorated on the puter! (Shamrock screen saver)

2. What is a Leprechaun?
~~A Leprachaun is for St. Patrick's Day.

3. Why does St. Patrick like the color green?
~~Because it is his favorite, duh.

4. Who is St. Patrick?
~~It's one of my cousins...he loves green. (HUH? he has a cousin named Ryan Patrick, but don't think he is overly fond of green!)

5. What happens if you don't wear green on St. Patrick's Day?
~~He will get angry. Who? The Leprechaun.

6. How will you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
~~You have to put green up!

Let me know if you played, and let Kelly know too. Happy Sunday!


Saturday, March 10, 2007


OK, that is obviously not me recovering from surgery, but I couldn't find a cute recovery picture other than that....and who couldn't fall in love with that cutie?

I made it home from the hospital around 6pm last night. The surgery lasted about 1.5 hours longer than planned, but I survived. I have 3 stab incision about 1 inch long, and one 4 inch long scar in my bikini line (previous c/section line actually) where they pulled the ovary and an another cyst they found out. The overy was pretty bad, the cyst INside it had pretty much killed it, and then they found a lime sized cyst ON it also. So, they went in and put both in a surgical bag to remove them, which is good, because the ovary ruptured on the way out. YIKES. That would have been a night or two stay in the hospital if it weren't contained in the bag. And yes, I know that because 10 years ago back in KS I had a grapefruit size cyst removed in emergency surgery and the damn surgeon didn't put it in a bag and it ruptured....3 days in the hospital on IV antibiotics. Anyway, back to the present....He said it looked bad in there, and it was no wonder I had so much pain. He had to remove a portion of my abdominal wall or peritaneum as it is called because the endometriosis had hardened into almost fibrotic cysty types lumps...and tons of adhesions and endo on my bladder. Endometriosis or endo was found on my left kidney again as well. But most of the work needed was in the lower pelvis this time. He said I had a ton of adhesions from my c/section and from previous abdominal surgeries, so he removed all he could. I love this surgeon. He called me from home last night, with all 3 of his kids in the background just to make sure I was ok and to fill me in since I was too groggy by the time he had to leave the hospital yesterday (he still had office hours to do!). All in all I am doing throat hurt like an SOB last night, better today. The pain is managable with pain pills...hard to sleep. Finally at 3 am I just got up and came and sat in the recliner reading. I noticed I was nodding off, so I turned off the light and was able to get 3 hours straight of sleep...where as in the bed I woke up every hour. So, at least I found a way to rest! The incisions are still covered, but he said there weren't any external sutures, he did all the sewing on the inside of the incision and used skin glue to finish it off. This means little scarring...not that I will every need a bikini or anything! YIKES. OK, I guess the pain meds are making me too chatty so I had better get off here before Matthew wakes up and see if I can get showered first. Thank you for your well wishes, friens and bloggers!

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Friday, March 09, 2007

For The Love of Bunny!

Matthew has been having bad dreams regarding my surgery today. He has recurringly dreamed about me dying, or not waking up. Last night I ran to Bor*der's book store to buy some post-surgery recovery books, and they had a cute little brown and white soft, cuddly Easter Bunny as a promotional thing. I got it for Matthew. Spur of the moment, I told him it was a magical bunny to take away bad dreams and make sure I made it through surgery all right. He named the bunny Tuxedo (so cute!) and kept him near him all evening. He slept with the bunny last night, and this morning when I got up Matthew was sitting in my recliner watching cartoons hugging the bunny tight. I asked him if he slept good, and he said, "Of course, Tuxedo took away all the bad dreams...he's good like that!" Gulp...giggle, snort. Gah. Ladylike of course! Then I hugged him up and told him I was going to be just fine today. He said, "You don't have to tell me that Mom, Tuxedo already told me you'd do great!" Sigh. I love that little boy.

We head to the hospital later this morning....I was told to arrive at 10:45am. Surgery is booked for 12:15pm. It is expected to last two hours or slightly more depending on how much endometriosis he is able to get out. Big thank you to my SIL Roxanne for taking on the boy today....seeing as how my MIL flaked out on me yet again. It is more important to do some baking for the neighbor who is in a coma in the hospital...yes, important, but more important than your grandson having a safe, warm environment while his mother is undergoing the knife? Yes, I know, just call me drama queen. Anyway, thanks to Roxy for taking Matthew for the day despite having her own 2 year old girl, a 3.5 year old girl, and having a friend's children coming over: 3.5 year old boy, a 6 year old girl and a 4 month old little boy. Luckily the baby and the little girl won't be there until their mom arrives with them after school! So, hopefully my SIL will survive the day! YIKES. OK, I'm off to the hospital shortly...wish me luck!

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


As I am preparing for Surgery on Friday I find myself getting mushy and nostalgic. So here is a favorite picture of mine of all the kids together: My nephew Blake, Matthew, Neice Jasmine, Neice Allyse holding Neice Alexsandra. Blake and Ally are siblings. Matthew is my only. Jazzy and Lexi are sisters. I love this group of kids....and it makes me worry I won't be here for them.
Go figure....I guess my son's nightmares that I am going to die are sorta getting to me. Hmmmm. Went through a bunch of pictures tonight and sorted them so that while he is in school next week, and I am recovering, I pray I get some scrapping done. I sorted and have mental layouts done for February 2005 through May 2006. THEN I WILL BE LESS THAN A YEAR BEHIND! Can you believe in less than a year of scrapping I have done 2001-2005 with plans to catch up to mid-2006?????? Yahoooo. I thought it would take me years to catch up. I went online to Walgreens today and printed 155 photos. Think that will last through a 2 week recovery of being couped up at home, on Percocet, unable to drive? God I hope it keeps me from going insane. Luckily I am going to hit the bookstore tomorrow....too bad Jude Devereaux doesn't have anything new out. Although I found a new author I really like: Catherine Anderson....builds a lot of her books (but not all) around a cool family. Will have to look for the few about the Coulter family I haven't read yet. I printed a copy of this photo out for my MIL thinking she would like it. It was October of 2005, but seems to be the last time we actually got all the kids to sit together, and be still. Blake just turned 13 this past week...happy birthday big shot. Matthew turned 6 in January (and reminded me I haven't posted pics yet...he's the blogger police here), Jasmine turned 3 in July, Ally turned 10 in October, and Lexi just turned 2 last month. What a gang. I think we are all done with babies now. I know Lynn is happy with one boy/one girl. I physically can't have anymore without taking all sex out of it and turning it into a science experiment, so we are done. Roxanne has the two little girls, but if she could get away with it she would have one every 2 years....Peter (hubs) luckily put his finger done there! OK, I guess my Percocet and Lunesta decided to kick in all at once and I am rambling, rambling, chitter-chattering along. So I shall end this. Although....can someone tell me how to get a picture into your post other than at the top of the frickin' page?????

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Surgery Surgery Surgery

Well, considering I am a nurse, I do not make a very good patient. I am having surgery on Friday to remove a ton of endometriosis and today after an ultrasound it was decided it will also be necessary to remove my left ovary. Oh well...removed the left fallopian tube 2 years ago, so why do I need that ovary. Then, I will do one injection of chemo per month for 6 months to stop the growth of any endometrial cells. Can we say hello hot flashes? This will put me into immediate menopause for the 6 months in hopes of stopping the progression of my severe endometriosis. Sounds like fun you say? Care to join me? Seriously, I went to bed at a little before 10pm, and woke up at midnight. Can we say, me no sleepy while worrying about surgery? Those two hours come after doubling my sleeping pill for the night too. suck. Just took an Ambien CR, and it isn't doing a thing for me. I am such a sucky patient.

In other news....this switch to beta blogger, well, it bites. I have been trying to log in since Sunday night, and it is so damn slow I never made it to the log in. Anyone else have these problems? Might be that I have to join the rush to vacate the premises to go on over to wordpress or something. I don't know. What do you think?

Matthew was sick all weekend with a fever of 103-104*, crabby ass, runny nose, cough, nightmares, goopy sinus drainage, goopy eye drainage. Made an appointment to take him to the ped today, but cancelled it because he didn't run the fever Monday morning, and seemed better. Thought (big mistake...don't do the thinking thing) it was a virus and it was passing. By 4:45pm (15 minutes before the peds office closed) he was 103* again. Shoot. But, he had no other symptoms. Tylenol and it came down. I am such a bad mom, I am sending him to school in the morning if he is fever free. If his fever only spikes after 4pm, he will be home from school. I used to worry about infected his classmates, but have since decided those little, ummm, darlings are the ones that gave it to him anyway, right? Right.

Ok, well, off to see if this damn beta will actually post this. Crossing my fingers, eyes, toes, legs, you get the drift.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday Six~It's a zoo out there!

Weeeeeee'reee baccccckkkkkkkkkk! So, after deserting our friends at blogger for so long, we are back (and beta!). Hee hee. Welcome to Sunday Six, brought to us by the fun loving mom of two, Kelly. This week, we're taking a trip to the zoo. This is horrible, but our son has never been to the zoo. There is only one, yes ONE in Connecticut, and it is in one of the roughest gang areas of the state. So, hopefully this summer we'll hop on the metro and go into NYC and see the Bronx Zoo. I know, bad mommy bad mommy. Here are the fairly new 6 year old's answers from Matthew:

1. How many different animals are kept at the zoo?
~~A lot, maybe it's going to be 13.

2. What is your favorite animal at the zoo?
~~Um, it's, it's the favorite animal is....hmmmm, maybe the polar bear and penguins.

3. What is the name of your local zoo?
~~Um, I don't know.

4. What do you do at the zoo?
~~Umm, I don't know, look at the animals?

5. What do animals do at night at the Zoo?
~~Um...they sleep?

6. How many monkeys should a zoo have?
~~Umm, maybe six or maybe 9000.

There you have it, a zoo free family answering zoo questions. I personally love the zoo and miss the great ones back home. We will have to make sure and visit them on our next trip hom. Hope fully I will keep updating this week...lot's of new stuff in our next Friday, new baby on the way for my bro and his wife, loving the new job, Hub's new jobs, principal's office antics, and god forbig I haven't even downloaded Christmas or Birthday (1-8) pictures yet. Even there are any of you out there who still remember me (haha) I'm back! finally let me switch to beta and I only had to pull out HALF of my hair!

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

I so suck...

OK, seriously I have no excuse. I have just been in a total rut lately. I have been reading everyones blogs, but have had zero, and I do mean zero, interest in posting on my own. I will try to do better. I will try to get Matthew to do Sunday Six in the morning...god, I can't believe two months have gone by without me posting. Do I suck or what?

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sunday Six~~Merry Christmas!

Welcome to Sunday Six, brought to us by the talented Kelly! This weeks questions are of course answered by Matthew, who is now just 2 weeks shy of his sixth birthday.

1. How does Santa make it to everyone's house in one night?

~~With his sleigh

2. What are the names of his reindeer?

~~I don't know

3. What does Santa do if a home does not have a fireplace?

~~He just uses the door

4. Does Santa make all the toys, or does he buy them as well?

~~He makes the toys with the elves, but really just the elves make them and lumps of coal for the naughty kids.

5. How old is Santa?

~~I don't know

6. What are you leaving out for Santa tonight?

~~Milk and cookies

Sorry I have been so absent lately, Christmas has caused me to rush around like an idiot after work every night, shopping and such. Hopefully things will calm down now that all is done except to wrap a few more gifts tonight! I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Matthew's First Checklist!

OK, so it may be little known fact outside my circle of family and close friends, but I am a neurotic list maker! I make lists for everything...seriously. So, imagine my feelings when Matthew brought me a list he had made yesterday while I was digging out the Christmas decorations! *snicker* This is his list, which I scanned and added to. First is obviously that he wants to decorate the Christmas Tree. Next, is the tree skirt. I have to laugh because it is obviously round, and those small circles represent Santa's face that encircles it. I laid it in about 5 different spots yesterday to figure out where I wanted to put the tree this year. I guess that's why that one is checked off! Next is decorate his table, which is his small table that he does art work at, and eats at when he's just snacking. Next is make his bed, which he did. Then comes decorate the dining room table, and look he even included the chairs. Last in that column is decorate Matthew's room....not sure why it is just a square. Next column....decorate the desk and hutch...done. Finally go to Babcia's house (Polish for Grandmother). This is because I can't decide if I want to deal with a real tree again this year, or borrow one of her artificial trees (she has two and doesn't even put one up). So he was driving me batty yesterday to just go get the damn thing. I don't know though...may wait until next weekend and get a live tree. Except I hate needles! So, there you have it, my neurosis rubbing off on my son!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Kindergarten Picture!

We received Matthew's Kindergarten Pictures on Wednesday. I think they turned out really well if I do say so myself! I volunteered that day, so that helped. The photographer let me see the digital pic before he accepted it, so if it had turned out badly it would have been my own fault! I can't believe he is almost six, where did the time go? Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Family Togetherness

Here are some pics from our Thanksgiving family gathering at my mother-in-law's. It wasn't as bad as I expected, but it is still not as comfy cozy as it would be had we spent it with my family. I so hate being half way across the country, but never more than at this time of year. To my family: I love you and miss you and wish I could have spent the holiday with you. To my husband's family: Loved seeing the girls and brother/sister-in-law, wish mil could learn to chill out and enjoy her family. Geez, guess I lost the holiday spirit, huh?

Jasmine (why does she look scared?)

Jasmine and Matthew
Matthew and Daddy

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you! May your day be blessed with laughter, love and family togetherness. I am thankful for so much this year, and am spending the day with my family counting those blessings. How about you? How are you spending the day? God bless.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Waste of Space Monday

(Insert Logo here...blogger is such a bitch that it should be my first WOSM!)

This is my first attempt at Waste of Space Monday, brought to us by the Queen of People Haters, Tammy. I have been sitting on this one for a while, thinking, hmmm maybe other people won't find it as distasteful as I do. But, no, I still think Bill Maher was totally out of line with this.
So soon after Steve Irwin's death this is just disgusting to me. He was a great conservationist, a great humanitarian and didn't deserve this slam. I feel for his wife and family and Bill Maher ought to be ashamed of himself...and definately owes them an apology.

Did you play? Let Tammy (and me) know so we can read up on more Wastes of Space.

Sunday Six~Thanksgiving!

Welcome to Sunday Six, brought to us by the fabulous Kelly. This week is all about Thanksgiving, and answers were provided by my little Pilgrim Matthew (age 5 yrs 10 mo).

1. Do you like to eat turkey?

2. Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?
~~Cuz if we feel like it, then we feel like it.

3. What other foods do you eat at Thanksgiving?
~~Like, chicken, mashed potatoes and turkey.

4. Which would you rather be, a pilgrim or an Indian? Why?
~~Um a pilgrim...cuz I want to.

5. Where do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
~~Um, at school, and I'll tell you what we made. We made Indian corn and Indian hats.

6. Do you have a special tradition for Thanksgiving, if so, what is it?
~~Yes. Well, I forgot. Oh, I'll tell you what it Indian hat.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bring on the Tooth Fairy!

At 9:30pm tonight, Matthew lost his first tooth!! He has been wiggling it for 2 days now, and finally it was laying sideways in his little mouth, so I did what any good mom would do: I yanked that sucker! And no, it didn't hurt him! little boy is growing up too quick!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Six-Veteran's Day!

Welcome to Sunday Six, brought to us by the lovely Kelly. This week we are honoring our Veteran's, so Kelly thought it appropriate to question our little darlings about our wonderful service men and women. Matthew, age 5 years 10 months, unfortunately didn't know very much about Veteran's, so after the questions we had a nice little talk!

1. What is a veteran?
~~A veteran is, um, uh, I forgot.

2. Why do we honor or celebrate Veteran's Day?
~~Because you always do, thank you.

3. How do we honor or celebrate Veteran's Day?
~~Like you have to use a lot of stuff to celebrate it.

4. Does your town have a parade or ceremony in honor of Veteran's Day?
~~Uh, yes.

5. What is sacrifice?
~~Sacrifice is that you help someone.

6. Do you know any veterans? If so, who?
~~Like, um, like um, my Dad. (No, he's not)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Priceless Picture of our Heroes:

The caption is a little hard to read, so here it is: Air Force Chief Master Sgt. John Gebhardt, of the 332nd Expedentiary Medical Group at Balad, Iraq, cradles a young girl as the sleep in the hospital. The girl's entire family was executed by insurgents; the killers shot her in the head as well. The girl received treatment at the U.S. military hospital in Balad, but cries and moans often. According to nurses at the facility, Gebhardt is the only one who can calm down the girl so he has spent the last several nights holding her while they both sleep in a chair.
God bless the soldiers.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


These are a little old, but blogger has been so non-cooperative lately that I haven't been able to post them! These are from the week before Halloween, at the pumpkin patch obviously. We all had a great time and got some wonderful pumpkins to carve! You can see the final product in my last post!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Halloween 2006

The cousins...Matthew, Jasmine, Alexsandra all
met at my MIL's for pics and trick or treating!

Matthew and Jasmine

Our Ninja
Ready to go!
The back of Henry's pumpkin
Jamie's pumpkin
The front of Henry's pumpkin
Two of our pumpkins

Matthew's pumpkin...done by dad
Henry's pumpkin

That is our Halloween in pictures. Matthew had a great time with his cousins....although Lexi didn't trick or treat with us, she had called it a night when we got there! We have gone through a couple of hiding spots for the candy already, he just seems to find it no matter what! I have been trying to upload these pics to blogger since 11/1, but received no cooperation! So there you have it, hope you had a great Halloween.